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Life of Pi

I will inaugurate this page by giving my opinion about the last book I read- Life of Pi by Yann Martel.
It was actually for a very long time I was looking forward to reading this one but it somehow always managed to slip from my mind. I guess this can be called being biased, but more often than not, in the fiction genre, I prefer the works which have received some awards, especially when I know I don’t have much reading time at hand.
Anyways, the story in itself, isn’t that intricate and actually can be summarized in quite few lines. The author describes a boy, son of a zoo owner, living in post independent India in Pondicherry and how his way of thinking and especially his perception about the concept of religion is different from his peers, in fact, from everyone. He has a very direct and unartificial way of looking at the four religions that he comes across early in his childhood. All he can look at is what each of those three beliefs say, which he realizes is common among all of them. So he adapts all the three religions and offers his prayers and follows … Read the rest

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