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Hi ! I am Devashish, a first year Software Systems Masters Student @ RWTH Aachen

My interests are Deep Learning, Cloud Computing, Finance and Oil Painting

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Hi, I am Devashish! Nice to Meet you!

I started learning Scratch when I was in 5th grade and Python when I was in 7th grade, ever since, I have been fascinated by what one can create with computers.

I have worked at Societe Generale as Software Engineer in the Open Source Program office. I have worked at Mastercard, as an intern, on real time transaction monitoring and robust databases, before that, I interned at Druva on automatic cloud deployment and monitoring services

I have volunteered for Mindspark - the annual technical festival of my college. Currently I am the Manager of Finance of COEP Data science and Artificial Intelligence Club - hobby group to encourage AI, DL and ML developement amongst students.
I am interested in Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Automated Cloud Infrastructure Control, and clean code practices.
I love to paint landscapes using oil colors by using The Bob Rosss Technique. I use my DSLR to capture the beauty of the nature. On the musical side, sometimes, I play Harmonium and Violin. I like to read Biographies, and fiction with deep underlying meaning.
You can find my resume here
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My Projects

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  • Clustering using Sentence Embedding
  • Neural Machine Translation
  • DNS Guard
  • Stock Price Prediction
  • Devtext text editor
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My Work Experience

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Company Level Duration Field
Societe Generale Software Engineer Nov 2020 - August 2021 Open Source and NLP
Mastercard Intern May 2019 - July 2019 Databases and Cryptography
Druva Inc Intern May 2018 - July 2018 Cloud Infrastructure