These are my most notable Projects:

  1. Scientific Research Papers clustering using Sentence Embedding
    This is my bachelor’s thesis. We are working on clustering research papers using their abstracts. We are using Sentence embeddings to get the clusterable vector representation.
    GitHubDownload Thesis Paper Draft

  2. Neural Machine Translation using Transformers
    We used and tweaked fairseq translation models from facebook to implement English to German and English to French translation website. We experimented with training different models for neural machine translation. Comes with a server designed in Flask framework. Model framework is PyTorch.
    GitHubDownload Project Report

  3. DNS Guard
    A DNS server which runs on localhost to block Advertisements and Malicious Websites, Just point your system or browser DNS queries to localhost:53 and Voila! No more ads and bad websites!

  4. Simple Stock Prediction using Regression
    I attempted to predict the stock price of the next day using the data of previous days.

  5. Devtext - A text editor in C language using NCURSES
    Devtext is a Text editor made with NCURSES library for Terminal UI. This project helped me nderstand basic Data Structures and Algorithms and implement them. Devtext can open, save, reate any new text file.